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June 07, 2004



Love your entries--found you by way of the health care blog. You've got great color and interesting angles.

I know these things are always inflamed, but the union is saying that agences get $17/hour, and workers only see $7 of it. I've also heard that in NYS there's a holdover from a previous system--CHHA's subcontract to licensed home health agencies, which in turn hire the workers--it seems an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy/administration. I don't mean to sound like a union hack, and I appreciate that one man's inefficiency/waste is another man's paycheck, but is there a fiscally responsible/politically painful solution where we consolidate these two administrative steps into one and use the money saved to pay for wage increases? (Administratively possible but politically impossible without pointing fingers at who's to blame is a more than fair answer. Background as to how the home health system developed and currently works would be a fascinating aside!).


Thanks for the comment.

Yes, the historical background is relevant and yes, there's duplicate overhead (vertically as well as horizontally which we've commented on before). The organizational bifurcation is now entrenched and few can imagine how they would do otherwise.

I suspect there are effects on care as well as overhead.

I'll expand in a separate post later today.

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