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February 11, 2005


Matthew Holt

I think that this is how things will eventually play out. Somtime after the next recession, the votes in favor of solving the uninsurance/employment based-mess will be there because so many voters will be uninsured and facing their 50s and early 60s in a real crisis.

BUT saying this is how it ought to be just accepts that we are going to have several more years of the continued tragedy of uninsurance. And I can't say that I want to have that, even if it's a necessary evil to get to universal coverage. There are just too many awful human stories connected to it.

In some ways this is the same as saying let the Bush Adminstration take the country to complete hell, because that's the way we'll get a responsible Democrat in the White House to fix it all....OK, I think that will happen, but I'd rather Kerry was in there now shoring up the mess that we've got.

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